My brother fucked me very well

In this story I want to tell you how it is that I get to enjoy my brother.

I am 17 and he is 24 years old, we have always been very good and he is very handsome, my friends; they always ask that I present them.

Not to brag, but also all the guys drool for me and my brother shut me up.

I asked him why he was so careful, he kept thinking for a while and he said “is that you are beautiful”

I was surprised a little but deep down I felt the same for him, I liked him and I was jealous for his girlfriend.

One day they canceled the classes and returned to the house early, without wanting to find my brother in the living room of the house with his girlfriend, she was sucking his cock.

My brother’s cock was big, hard, beautiful; hidden I could not help but masturbate while my brother’s girlfriend enjoyed the strings she received.

About a week later, while I was returning from school, my brother caught up with me on the back stairs to go to our apartment.

He stopped me on the stairs and said, did you like what he did to my girlfriend? I was paralyzed; I did not know what to say, the truth is that I had masturbated in my bedroom again imagining me nailed by that huge stick.

As if he guessed my thoughts my brother hugged me by the waist he kissed me and said, I’ve always wanted to fuck you, you have some buttocks and some tits that drive me crazy.

I wanted to say no, but he kept kissing and caressing me, I got hot immediately while my body writhed with pleasure.

When feeling his hard cock carving in my body, his caresses and his kisses can not avoid moan mmmhhh, ahhh !.

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